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Thursday, April 24, 2008

a unfortunate side of IISc

I find it unfortunate and I am sure any sane person will definitely will also find it unfortunate. Three suicides and one failed attempt of suicide. These are not the figures of some jail in India. It’s the reality of the premier research institute of India. And most unfortunate instead of looking into the severity of the matter and taking steps to avoid any repetition of such events the answer is its student’s personal and family problems and institute has nothing to do with it. But then these people don’t realize one thing hearting oneself to a level to commit suicide is the most extreme step a human being can take. I agree to the fact that people can have their own problems but if the environment around you is good and encouraging then you live with some hope. So, the reasoning given by the institute falls week. Now coming to the measures taken to this mounting problem a full time psychologist for counseling but lack of a proactive system to identify such cases, worthless student council, a faculty community which tries to find the most comfortable position for them. One thing I learnt form this campus you can blame the world and sleep in your bed with a notion in the mind you are always correct and the other person is always wrong.

Can’t institute take more proactive stand in being little more sympathetic towards the student community, instead of looking at them as slaves and blaming them always for everything?


IBlogger said...

that is one reason why things are so pathetic in India. We dont care about the system, at the same time, criticize the system for not working. this is nothing but hypocrisy and shirking your responsibilities. When I think it is not my responsibility, and everyone thinks its not their responsibility, then its no one's responsibility. And the system collapses, as it has in India. And Shwetank, what makes you feel that you cannot do something? Get together with some CSE guys if you know and start an online discussion group/mailing list about campus problems...thats just one easy suggestion, easier said than done...but if u really really feel troubled, you will find time to do it...thats what great people do...

shwetank said...

dear gaurav its true tht we sud do somthing but wat can hapen jst with some discussions on net. you also know the mentality here in india if ur small u hav no say... u hav no option to tell ur boss that he is wrong. its all so autocratic here. kash i had guts to stand up and slap these emotions accross the system here.

GAGAN said...

thats the unfortunate side of quite a few places....but i agree ..its the institution's responsibility!!

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