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Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-95) .

Monday, June 9, 2008

How insensitive our socity has become....

Top Stories

Pregnant lady's ordeal in Mumbai rain

9 Jun 2008, 0323 hrs IST , Vijay V Singh & Malathy Iyer
A 19-year-old pregnant woman, whose foetus had died in the uterus leading to heavy bleeding, was shunted around in rain-hit Mumbai as hospitals refused admission.

Delhi: Crowd watches as man bleeds

9 Jun 2008, 0424 hrs IST , Ashirbad S Raha
A crowd stood watching as a 35-year-old accountant lay trapped and bleeding under an overturned auto for about 15 minutes at Mayur Vihar Phase II in east Delhi on Sunday morning.

Minority Commission for J&K soon

9 Jun 2008, 1122 hrs IST
Minorities in the valley can get the same benefits as elsewhere in the country once the Commission is constituted.

Kolkata: Bullied by cops, man kills self

9 Jun 2008, 0358 hrs IST
At 2.45 am, when the rest of the city was fast asleep, a group of policemen came knocking on the door of Samar Kumar Mukherjee at 14-Kamarpara Row with a warrant over a loan-related dispute with a private bank.


Sajal said...

seems that I missed quite a bit of your posts.......... sorry my bad!!

but ya the Indian media is turning more and more crap and gore day by day .............. seems that the world SHAMELESS got a new corolarry!!

Anonymous said...

terrible...couple of days ago, there was a video on CNN< about a man being hit by a speeding car and lying on the center of the road till he bled and died...and this was in america...apathy runs everywhere!disgusting!

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