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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Battle Nepal round two.....

There have been really very interesting developments in nepal in last few days.... the most significant one, at least according to me is Nepal government taking back their decision to give Nepali passport contract to an Indian firm…. A open blackmail by the Maoists. The second most significant development is a 6 days general strike taking the country to a standstill. I have a serious doubt about the public support to this china driven proxy war. I just read a article on BBC website….


Nepal brought to standstill by strike

By Joanna Jolly
BBC News,

People will react'

On Tuesday, shopkeepers in Kathmandu clashed with Maoists who were preventing them from opening their businesses.

"If it is too much, the local people will react," says Subarna Brajracharya, who owns a small shop in the capital.

"The people will not be in a position to tolerate this. They'll come out into the streets and start fighting the Maoists. I'm ready to do this myself."

Meanwhile, the stalemate continues with the Maoists refusing to call off the strike until the prime minister resigns and the government refusing to be forced out from the streets.

Both sides appear willing to continue the strike for as long as it takes for the other to break.

"While ordinary citizens suffer, political elites battle this out," says journalist Prashant Jha.

"The hope is there will be enough popular pressure on them to reach a deal so that the country can go back to normal."

Not only this report, if you go thru the comments posted on the most popular new agencies websites. You can easily get an idea that the mood of general public if quite different than what is being portrayed by Nepali Maoists… Is this attempt of china to overthrow the democratic system and establish a proxy communist Hippocratic government. Between all this a major question is that wat is the Big B INDIA doing.. we have major stakes in Nepal... Are we losing the battle… Is situation is slipping out of India`s control in Nepal….

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